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Free Shipping for Orders over $50
Free Shipping for Orders over $50

About us

In 2010, Vlad started looking for toys and other products for his adopted dog, he noticed that the selection of high-quality products was very limited. It was hard for him to find exactly what he was looking for.

He knew he could offer better products to pets and pet parents around the world. So, he created Dogline.

From those humble beginnings, Dogline has grown into a major designer, manufacturer, and wholesaler of innovative pet products. We offer a wide selection of products including toys, leashes & harnesses, carriers, high-quality leather products, safety gear and dog training equipment.

Now we distribute our products to pet stores and suppliers all over the world. And we never stop working to create better and better pet products. We constantly invest in research and development to push pet product design forward. And so far, we’ve created the exclusive Viper brand of dog training equipment, a new line of innovative toys, and original lines including Soft Leather, Biothane and variety of multi-purpose vests and harnesses.

At Dogline, we’re passionate about making pets—and their owners—happy. So, we listen to our customers’ suggestions, and take pride in delivering excellent customer service.

If you’re a pet parent—or if you’re in the business of making pets and their parents happy—then Dogline is the partner for you. We make it easy to buy, sell, promote, and reorder our products.