Viper Jute Tug

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Designed for interactive activities, these tug toys are an excellent drive building tool.

Part of the Viper Collection, each tug is made of high quality Jute material that is extremely strong and durable as well as tear-resistant. Sewn together with heavy duty stitching and featuring a rubber woven handle for a strong grip, you have the option of choosing between 1 and 2 handles.

Should not be used as a chew toy.

Sizes displayed are Tug Length (not including handles) x Tug Diameter

VJ1084- 2 ounces
VJ1085- 2 ounces
VJ1104- 3 ounces
VJ1105- 3 ounces
VJ1125- 4.1 ounces
VJ2125- 3.8 ounces
VJ1126- 4.1 ounces
VJ2126- 3.8 ounces
VJ1165- 4.5 ounces
VJ2165- 5.5 ounces
VJ1166- 4.5 ounces
VJ2166- 5.5 ounces